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According to regulations, the different year students were not allowed to interact with one another. Han communicated his reason for visiting the first year area and continued forth. He was looking to have a meeting with Instructor Wei.


It was a horrifying clip. Its organs and blood had been spewed out everywhere. Kuro covered his mouth to resist throwing up. Lessons ended. Han and Kuro's data bracelets vibrated with an order of squad seven to assemble. They were ordered to come to the shooting range.


Han tried his best to try and remember the chapters from the textbooks. Kuro successfully made a hideout. It was a low-grade tent made of intertwined leaves and twigs.


'If Jose chose to gravitate toward infiltrating with rangers, we're done for. This game has too many elements, so it's impossible to have a perfect strategy.'


Han and Schwartz tried to regain their breath. Schwartz thought something felt amiss, but he was too tired to realize his grave mistake.


Han grit his teeth and paused at the next corner. The silence was so heavy that it seemed to consume even one's breath. Han paused his breath from nerves.

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Eight kilometers were left until their military operation's final destination. They had chosen to walk to the destination to avoid the Elu mage's attention and bombing attacks. When Elu mages decide the situation is dangerous, they will choose to immediately flee. After the war of aggression had ended, the Elu mage had managed to slip from Ark's target for these past twelve years. The Elu mage this time around was very careful and cunning.


"Calm down. We will wait a bit until our eyes become accustomed to the dark. Since we never heard of this kind of thing, Squad 6 should be in the same situation as us."


Silence lead them to the armory. Ark's engineers moved about busily. They could hear the sound of machine gears turning from every direction.


'They're cheering for me, instead of Laocha. Usually, people would cheer for the one who would most likely lose. Are they implying that I will lose?'


"I'll let you go this time. Kato. I don't wish to be called by the drill instructors while I'm in the middle of forming my squad."


Psychic energy flooded the battle ground. It felt as if the atmosphere grew denser. The airbeats floated, acting as the platform for the squads.


Han stared back toward Inspector Rue. Han didn't let the inspector grasp onto even a straw. He let off an even more stoic aura than usual.



Humans did not fall under the wide umbrella of Minions. The dragons didn't even consider enslaving humanity for a second. However, it seemed that humans were a special existence to dragons.



'If I choose to lead, it's highly likely that Karlheinz' group would go off and do their own thing disregarding everything I say.'


Han was shocked by the detailed necessary steps it took to pilot a psychoframe. His original predictions were laughable and this gear was equipped with the latest, cutting-edge technology. It wasn't a simple outer shell.


'Though they are of lower rank, they're as powerful as a strong psyker. Our only advantage is our advanced gear.'

  • Han's arm seared with intense pain. His bones and muscles felt as if they were screaming in agony.
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