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Jose captured the flag and sprinted to the rocky terrains. Han tried to chase after him, but the remaining rangers blocked his way.


'The higher-ups most likely intentionally set up the squad like this. I'm familiar with everyone in this squad, and I can't find a single flaw for this match of people for the squad. Silence is one of the most exceptional amongst the psykers, Simon has vast psychic skills which adds flexibility to military operations, and lastly Corporal Zhai has a lot of experience in actual battle so he can make up for my shortcomings.'


"I understand. Chan." Schwartz and the squad could finally figure out the oddness of the situation here. The researchers had lied to them. This wasn't a surprise attack from the outside, something from the inside was trying to escape.


Han said shortly before officially leaving the class D dorms. During these 3 months, he had sent off many students. Many students were promoted, but many of them had also been sent home.


If the Elu had attacked from the outside in, then it must have gone through the first level. However, the first level of the building was perfectly clean without a single corpse.


"The distance from the crack is dozens of meters away. You're planning to go over to them with airbeats? However, as you said, the psychic energy in that area is chaotic. Are you confident enough to control airbeats in that space?"

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"I'm not your drill instructor anymore. If there is a person who lives everyday angry, that person must have a personality disorder. A psycho. Don't you think?"


"The muscle fiber and bone density is increased by many folds, and as a result, the body becomes that much heavier. You're able to physically withstand the worst attacks, but on the flip side there is a huge weakness. Though your muscles have bulked up, you must also use twice as much energy to attack your opponent. A strong physique like yours is a requirement for piloting psychoframes. You shouldn't have blindly attacked me if you correctly observed my physique. I've trained myself to effectively evade most attacks."


While Sergeant Red and Simon rested, Han and Silence maintained watch. The forest was quiet and occasionally they would see wild animals. Han understood this was South Korea's territory, but it felt like foreign land. The North Korea he had lived in was a decaying jungle-like city. He could only see the shining huge cities from far away.


'He's so skilled, but lost against me. It's no wonder he would feel irritated.'


Children quickly adapt and improve. They were different to adults who had already matured. The most talented child may become a monster, and the least talented child may become the strongest soldier of the army.


Kato grasped Han's collar, and slammed him against the wall. Kato looked furious.


As they neared the dimensional crack, their data bracelets and communication devices began to static. This time, they had prepared equipment for just this problem.



He quickly became accustomed to become the class president. He led his peers without any mishaps and settled any disputes smoothly.



Inspector Rue continued to observe the second years. The youths were all different and varied in personality. Han's presence shined stronger than many others.


The ninth and thirteenth squad battle received all the attention. Everyone still treated the thirteenth squad with much hostility.


'Of course Kato would dislike me. Though, all I was doing was giving out my personal opinions on situations.'

  • "Our enemies are the Elus and werewolves. Unlike werewolves, Elus have high intelligence. They probably won't easily get caught in our traps."
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